Cammda Corporation


Dispensing Equipment

Meter Mix DispMeter Mix Dispense

We offer a wide range of Meter Mix Dispense equipment from two component dispense valves to benchtop adhesive dispensing systems to automated equipment for industrial applications.






Positive DisplacementPositive Displacement Valves & Pumps
Designed with precision and repeatability in mind, CAMMDA's positive displacement valves and pumps offer greater quality control and better material management than other types of dispense valves and pumps.






Adheisve dispenserAdhesive Dispensers

Limited production runs to large industrial applications, Cammda has the right equipment for the job. From micro shots to high volume potting, we offer both single and dual component machines to fit every budget. 






pressure reservoirPressure Reservoirs
Used in conjunction with one of CAMMDA's dispense valves, Pressure Reservoirs offer an adhesive dispensing solution that is economical, quick, low maintenance and easy to use. Material is fed from a pressurized reservoir to a dispensing valve and then to the application surface, enabling precision flow control and deposit accuracy. Disposable polyethylene dip tubes and supply lines can be quickly changed.




Dispensing valveAdhesive Dispensing Valves
For manual or automated fluid applications, Cammda offers a complete selection of dispense valves to facilitate precision dispensing of single or dual component materials.