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Meter Mix

Meter Mix Dispense

Frugal ShotFrugal-Shot™ 
The Economical Meter Mix Dispenser

Cammda's Frugal-Shot™ is an economical meter-mix-dispense machine that provides precise control over the processing of two component adhesives and potting compounds. It simplifies the use of these materials and endures high standards of quality.
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Compact Camm-CoaCompact Camm-coaterter™

The Compact Camm-Coater™ is a two component meter-mix-dispense system that is designed to work with both standard static mixers and the new fully disposable spray static mixers (HSS). While especially suited for spray applications, the versatile Compact Camm-Coater™ can also be used for potting, encapsulating, bonding, sealing, filling, doming, foam applications, concrete repair, pipe repair, crack filling and concrete saw-cut filling.
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Joint JockeyJoint Jockey™ Joint Filler

The Joint-Jockey™ is an economical two-component meter-mix-dispense system designed to properly proportion, blend and apply joint-fillers, crack injection liquids and coatings.
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RadiometerMicro-Fluid Ratiometer™

CAMMDA's Micro-Fluid Ratiometer™ is an economical precision metering system for two component epoxies and silicones, that offers smaller shot cup mixing without weighing or measuring. Lightweight and portable, it is ideal for maintenance shops and repair depots. The metering ratio is adjustable from 1:1 to 1:100, adding to the convenience and versatility of this system.
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Syringe FillingSyringe Filling Station SV (Similar Viscosities) 

An easy and clean solution to "on the fly" syringe filling of two component materials, the Syringe Filling Station (SV) is ideal for "similar viscosity" epoxy, silicone and urethane compounds.
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