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Adhesive Filling & Packaging

You see our quality products every day - you probably don't realize that it's our packaging you are using. Dispense Pak™, our custom filling and packaging division, handles your demand for precision filling and packaging of one and two component industrial materials. Our complete understanding of fluid dynamics, together with decades of experience in precision volumetric dispensing equipment, give Dispense Pak™ unmatched expertise in accurate, clean filling of cartridges, cans, bottles and syringes.



   Appealing, Marketable Packages
Accurate, Clean, Metered Filling
Custom Labels and Accessories
Short Run Capability
Quick Turn-Around
Stringent Quality Control

Thermal Compounds










We receive your materials in pails, drums or totes and meter the contents into convenient, more marketable packages. Custom, computer-generated, labels can be applied to each package which can then be boxed, bagged or assembled into kits with nozzles, static mixers and other dispensing accessories.

Whether your filling and packaging requirements are large or small, CAMMDA’s Dispense Pak™ Division has the simple, easy set-up, short run equipment, as well as highly automated, PLC-controlled equipment to perform efficiently and cost-effectively.

Let CAMMDA’s Dispense Pak™ Division take chemical packaging out of your hands and into our safe, clean, well-ventilated production facility, where your filling and packaging will be handled under the strictest quality control standards from start to finish. Let us share our capabilities with you.

NEW! CAMMDA Corporation introduces The Chubby™, a new dual cartridge dispensing system specifically designed for 2.5:1 PBV ratio applications.

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