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Camm-pakit™The Camm-Pakit™ is the most advanced technology available for packaging two-component and three-component pre-measured liquid systems. These easy-to-use packages are safe, convenient, reliable, and precise. Packages can be any mix ratio in sizes from 2 grams to 6 pounds. Camm-Pakits™ are used to package epoxy, urethane and silicone systems in a wide range of viscosities for both industrial and consumer use. The Camm-Pakit™ is manufactured with a newly developed tri-laminate barrier film which is highly resistant to most epoxy systems. A burstable membrane seal is installed across the package separating the part A from the part B, requiring deliberate pressure to burst the seal, allowing both components to mix.

Contract Packaging:

Contract packaging is available through our Dispense Pak™ division for a variety of one-and two-component liquid and paste systems.

Lead times on production orders are 2-3 weeks when standard stock size Camm-Pakits™ are used. Samples and prototype packages available at no charge. Samples available in 1-2 weeks.

Standard Stock Size Camm-Pakits™
Outside Dimension Ratio Capacity
1.5” x 5”
2 - 4 grams
2” x 6”
5 - 6 grams
2.75” x 8”
10 - 20 grams
2.75” x 10”
20 - 30 grams
4.25” x 8”
30 - 50 grams
4” x 10”
50 - 70 grams

You can supply your liquids or pastes to be packaged or our affiliate could recommend and supply a standard or custom formulation. Custom printing directly on the Camm-Pakit™ or a custom printed outer package is available with your company information and/or instructions.

Let CAMMDA's Dispense Pak™ Division take chemical packaging out of your hands and into our safe, clean, well-ventilated production facility, where your filling and packaging will be handled under the strictest quality control standards from start to finish. Let us share our capabilities with you.

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