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Paint Pax™

Designed specifically for aircraft exterior touch-ups, CAMMDA's Paint Pax™ is a complete self contained system that stores, mixes and applies two-component paints and primers. Each Paint Pax™ kit consists of a pre-filled two component cartridge, an applicator gun and a mixer. The cartridge keeps the reactive materials separated until ready to use. The materials do not meet until they enter the disposable mixer, thereby providing an environmentally friendly, solvent-free mixing solution. Paint Pax™ offers significant advantages over spray based touch-up methods by decreasing costs, decreasing waste, increasing productivity and reducing environmental impact.

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Features & Benefits

Save Money - Reduces material costs and hazardous waste disposal costs

Increased Productivity - Eliminates mixing and measuring

Reduced Environmental Impact - Cuts down on air emissions associated with spray based touch-up methods and reduces waste associated with mixing and measuring

Improves Worker Health & Safety - Reduces exposure to harmful VOCs

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