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Precision molded dispensing barrels in polypropylene, use with one of CAMMDA's many dispensing machines and save TIME, MONEY and WASTE. The ideal way to precisely apply almost any type of fluid. Used with pistons, even the heaviest fluids are cleanly and efficiently dispensed. The barrels are chemical and temperature resistant - well suited for all types of packaging including premix and frozen.


Air-powered Syringe Components
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Manual Syringe Assemblies
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Han-D-Spenser - CammdaHan-D-Spenser

The Han-D-Spenser™ is a 2oz. hand held squeeze bottle dispenser that provides an economical approach for applying low to medium viscosity liquids quickly, cleanly and accurately. For accurate placement of liquids at low cost try the CAMMDA Han-D-Spenser™. We also provide a ½ ounce and 1 ounce bottle great for those smaller, more intricate jobs.

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