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Digital Timed DispenserDigital Timed Dispenser
320-0101-00 (110 V)
320-0102-00 (210 V) 

CAMMDA's Digital Timed Dispenser is a digitally programmable dispensing unit for precision application of all types of fluids. Push button controls allow simple repeatable settings of dispensing time intervals from .01 through 99 seconds, delivering accurate consistent deposits. This unit’s dual capabilities provide operation in either manual or timed mode. The Digital Timed Dispenser has a non-drip vacuum feature that facilitates drip-free dispensing as well as syringe filling capabilities of low viscosity fluids. The 0-100 PSI pressure range offers the versatility required to ensure precision application of watery thin materials, while providing enough punch to push pastes.

Features & Benefits 
• Handles All Material Viscosities
Solid-State Digital Timing Circuitry
Adjustable Vacuum Drawback 
Automatic or Manual Control

Push Button Programming
Digitally Displayed Feature Select 
10 Year Limited Warranty







Technical Specifications
Size: 9 1/2"W X 6"D X 2 3/4"H
Weight: 3.46 lbs
Input Voltage 115V AC 60 Hz
Internal Voltage: 24V DC
Operating Pressure: 1 to 100 psi (0.1 - 7 bar)
Timer: Push Button Digital
Time Range: 0.01 through 99 sec
CycleActuation: Foot Switch