Cammda Corporation



Cammda’s primary service is the application of its knowledge.  We are experts in understanding and solving liquid application problems. We are very familiar with facilitating the use of adhesives, sealants and coatings and have access to a wide range of pumping, metering and dispensing equipment.  We know how these systems work and how and when to apply them. We specialize in adhesives, sealants and dual component polymers because these are the most troublesome technologies to use.

Cammda Mechanical

We are skilled in the design, development and manufacture of liquid application systems and dispensers.

Our Dispense Pak™ Division, with its pumping equipment and its vacuum and modified atmosphere mixing equipment, can help to solve liquid application problems. By re-designing the chemicals we can modify adhesives and sealants to make them better suited to their applications. We can increase or decrease viscosity or build thixotropy in adhesive systems to cause them to flow or stay put. We team-up with our customers to design new chemical products.

Cammda - Adhesives

We are expert at repackaging adhesives, sealants and coatings into use-tailored cartridges and containers. Cammda can also handle your complete potting application in-house.